La Dolce Vita! Four Italian Experiences

ENIT Italian National Tourist Board & Cibosano 

Curated by ENIT Italian National Tourist Board & Cibosano, delegates will be able to participate in four special Italian experiences, two at a time. From “The Perfect Corporate Gift” by Fiasconaro/Cibosano and “The Fine Artisan Sicilian Panettone Fiasconaro” to “Emilia Romagna Excellences – Parmigiano Reggiano PDO and Modena Balsamic Vinegar PG” and “A Taste of Tuscany with Salcis Salami”, Global Travel Week will be an opportunity to indulge in La Dolce Vita! 

Experience Culture and Traditions from the West of Ireland

Adams and Butler

The Gaeltacht (Irish/Gaelic Speaking) area of Ireland stretches along the Western Seaboard and Wild Atlantic Way from Donegal to Kerry and Cork. The regions have their own rich culture and heritage that not only revolves around the language but also the traditions of storytelling, singing, music and dance. Join us for a showcase of this unique culture and a taste of Irish Poitín, a tipple from the 6th generation of a distilling family. 

Big Bus Tour

by Big Bus Tours

Hop aboard this 20-minute Big Bus Tour to see the London sights around The Kia Oval. 

Pa Amb Tomàquet Experience

Catalonia - Catalan Tourist Board

With an impressive list of accolades including 59 Michelin-starred restaurants and 11 distinct wine-making regions, Catalan gastronomy is held in high esteem. Learn more about Catalan cuisine and the region as a whole during a Catalan cooking masterclass, where you will learn to make the ‘pa amb tomàquet’, the simplest and most essential part of any local meal.

Show Me Your Irish Dance!

Doyle Collection

Join The Doyle Collection, the most Irish Boutique Hotels, for an unforgettable Irish dance session. Shake it off and reset with Susan, their Irish dance teacher, to become an expert of all secret moves for your next St Patrick’s day event. Susan will be there to support and to teach you all the best tricks, but don’t worry just dance like nobody's watching. Susan has been in the industry all her life and she is the headteacher at the Irish Dancing Academy in East London.

A Taste of Israel

Israel Government Tourist Office

To feel the energetic vibe of Tel Aviv, move to the beats of Israeli party classics during a silent disco. To showcase the wonder of Jerusalem, treat your taste buds to a traditional Jerusalem bagel, dipped in olive oil and savoury zaatar spice. Music and food offer the perfect way to understand the wealth of opportunity a trip to Israel holds. 

Magic in Latvia


Latvia, known for pristine forests that cover more than half its territory and hundreds of beautifully tranquil lakes, will also be unveiling new hotels and tourist activities that have opened in 2021 at the Global Travel Week.

One of the more unique openings of 2021 is the Baltics first ever ‘Museum and Theatre of Magic’, located in Riga, Latvia. The museum is home to a great collection of historical and original magical and illusional artefacts. Visitors will get to follow the historic journey of magic and illusion, discovering a collection of antique magic tricks divided into different experiences.

Virtual Harry Potter Tour of London

London Top Sights

Greetings, Potter Heads! And welcome to our Virtual Harry Potter Tour of London. Step inside our wizarding shoes, as we hop on our broomsticks and let us apparate to the magical world of spells and sorcery in London. On this immersive, interactive tour, you will see some of the real filming locations from the eight movies and take a deeper look at some of the inspiration J.K Rowling used to create the spellbinding universe we all know and love. Using professionally filmed footage, we will take you on a virtual walking tour of London where we will find the locations that brought the Boy Wizard to life on screen, and tell you behind-the-scenes stories and movie magic techniques from both the film series and the books.

Myths of London with Lord Clifford Hume

London Top Sights

"Hello! My name is Clifford Hume, or to give my full title – Lord Clifford Hume of Hougun Manor. My title is an ancient manorial one and honourific and dates back to the Domesday Book in 1087. I have been guiding people around London for over 25 years and have specialised in the pageantry of our royal and political capital. My walking tours take in the normal sights of this wonderful city but I like to show tourists – and Londoners – the London that is off-the-beaten track. Today we are going to have a little true or false game all about some of the stranger aspects of this world city. There are lots of myths and misinformation associated with all parts of the metropolis and there are even tour guides who perpetrate these myths! So, we are going to look at ten things and you can tell me if they are true or false! From obscure laws to royal legends. Ready?"

Supercar Experience

Season Car Hire

Why not cruise around The Kia Oval in a quintessentially British luxury car! From Bentleys to Rolls Royces, the luxury car experience will be an experience to remember. Who doesn't love to travel in style. Also on display is the Audi R8 Spyder, Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari 488. Sit and have a feel what it's like to be in one of these supercars.

Move to the Sound of the African Drum! 

South African Tourism

Join our amazing Zulu drummers as they bring the dearly missed beat of Africa to you! South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal is the Zulu Kingdom steeped in history and tradition. Drumming, dancing, singing and chanting are a staple in Zulu culture and no visit to South Africa is complete without experiencing first-hand the way communities are still shaped to the sound of the beat. After this exhilarating experience, we invite you to catch your breath with a local South African Sxollie cider!

Stack Swiss Cows 

Switzerland Tourism

Cows belong to everyday life in Switzerland and are an important part of the country’s heritage, economy, and culture. Wherever you are in Switzerland the sound of cowbells is usually not far away and Swiss milk chocolate would not be the same without them. Join the challenge and test your clam hand and creative skills with this fun and interactive Cow Stacking experience. Team up with your meeting partner or challenge each other to stack as many wooden cows as possible on top of each other and create the highest possible “cow tower” in order to win a lovely Swiss chocolate treat. 

Tarot Reading

The Mandrake

Spiritual Wellbeing has become a central focus for The Mandrake; we believe that the soul needs to be nourished just as much as the mind and body. This is why in the wake of Autumn Equinox, the Spiritual Wellbeing team at The Mandrake welcome you to join two of our favourite guides for personalised 20-minute readings. Used from at least the mid-15th century, Tarot cards tell us stories about our lives and offers guidance to living them.

Sense of Tobago

Tobago Tourism Agency

Come and see the fantastic Tobagolator to experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Tobago. Participate in our mouth-watering rum and chocolate tastings, try some authentic Tobagonian sweet treats or take a sip of Tobago’s version of iced tea – the Mauby Drink. Chill out in our giant deckchair. Immerse yourself in the adventure of this tiny, unspoilt, untouched, undiscovered island.

Uganda’s Ultimate Bird Quiz

Uganda Tourism Board

A birding paradise of more than 1,073 recorded species, Uganda is home to an incredible diversity of habitats that no other area in Africa can match. It's no wonder that birding in Uganda can be an eye-opening experience for the novice tourist or the expert bird watcher. Can you tell a Shoebill from a Crested Crane? During this experience, match the birds with its name from the image and description. The most correct answers at the end of Global Travel Week will win a prize…!

Morning Mindfulness

Visit Finland

The traditions of Finnish lifestyle go back hundreds of years. In the rush and crush of modern life, the rarities are what we value most, such as space, quiet and time. One could even say that Finnish people knew mindfulness and slow travel before they became global megatrends. Each Finnish region has its own unique history and traditions, but the close relationship to nature is what connects it all. Join Visit Finland’s certified coach Terhi Bunders for a moment of calm through a mindful practice.

Flanders Chocolate Tasting

Visit Flanders

It’s an impossible task to showcase one particular brand of chocolate in our region amongst its array of multi-talented chocolatiers. So, we’ve chosen to present you with a taste sensation from one of our favourite companies, Bitter Sweet, hailing from the gorgeous but perhaps lesser-known, university city of Leuven. Their passion for chocolate with a modern edge, make their creations simply too good to miss. Chocolate lovers can easily find them just a few metres from Leuven’s magnificent Town Hall and the Grote Markt, in the centre of the city.

So, if you would like to taste something different and also get your taste-buds and your connections talking, join us at the VISITFLANDERS chocolate experience. The hardest thing will be the choice you will have to make and there is plenty to enjoy! Whether it is choosing a popular Flemish dessert encased into a chocolate, so delicious that’s why they named it “Heroin” or choosing the aptly named “Cloud Nine” to emulate your senses after tasting it, we leave it to you to decide. Or perhaps you might opt for cute and quirky Robotski, with notes of green sencha tea, offering a sensational flavour. Whichever chocolate you go for, we hope it will enthuse your inspiration in Flanders as a sweet city break!

Discover Hungary's Most Distinguished Wine Regions

Visit Hungary

Thinking about Hungarian wine traditions Tokaj Aszú is the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind. A UNESCO world heritage site, it was the first closed wine region of the world. Although, Hungary offers a wide range of unique varieties, exciting wine styles and stories waiting to be explored. Join this experience to explore some beautiful wines in different styles and get to know Hungary as a wine tourism destination. Wines of Hungary – Personally –

Visit Portugal

Sample the Famous Pasteis de Nata! 

The delicious Pasteis de Nata are heavenly custard tart pastries and one of the most famous Portugues dishes. Discover the origins of the Pateis de Nata whilst snacking on one with your meeting partner. And if that's not enough, you'll be given a special receipe so you can create this dessert at home (a prize for the best homemade Pasteis de Nata will also be given).